Difference between different scrunch shorts

v1 is more compressive so need to size up, 3 inch inseam so will ride up but makes your glutes look good.

v2 is more stretchy and more suitable for beginner to butt scrunch, 4 inch inseam.

V3 is v waisted, 3 inch inseam

V4.2 is also suitable for beginner, comfy and thicker, has a contour at the side, 4 inch inseam

V5 has butt contour, 3 inch jnseam, might ride up

V6 is the longest length so won’t ride up compared to others and it’s beginner friendly

When I mean beginner friendly is because the scrunch can give a wedgy feel, like wearing g string but by getting the right sizing, it will be comfy.☺️

Feel free to Dm me if you need help with recommendations so I can help you to find an activewear that is suitable for you.

In Jemaime Activewear, we believe that activewear should fit us and not the other way round.

We should never do anything extreme just to fit ourselves to a certain sizing.