After reading this guide, you will become an activewear expert and buying activewear will never be the same again.😂

You might have seen terms such as 

1) waistband(elastic band) vs no waistband 

2) butt scrunch vs no butt scrunch

3) front t line vs no front t line 

4) build in padding vs removable padding

5) long line vs mid line bra

6) Everyday/Essential/Empower/Energy/Curves/Petite series

7) Inseam length 

but not sure what it exactly means so here is a guide on what the above terms mean.

If you need any help, I am always a message away❤️

1) Waistband (elastic band) vs no waistband

Purpose of waistband is to prevent leggings from sliding down during workout.

Leggings with waistband are great for exercises like burpee, running and jumping movements. You wouldn’t want to keep pulling up your leggings while exercising. Usually they are more forgiving in sizing as the waistband will cinch into the waist. However some ladies might prefer leggings without waistband because they don’t like the elastic band digging into the waist.

Leggings without waistband tends to slide down if the sizing is not correct. For leggings without waistband,they tend to stay up with compression hence it’s advisable to size down for leggings without waistband so that it’s snug enough for the waist.

No matter whether you prefer with or without, we will have something for you. Try out both versions to see which you prefer more.

2) Butt scrunch vs no butt scrunch

Left - Butt scrunch , Right - without butt scrunch

Purpose of butt scrunch is to separate the butt cheeks to give an appearance of a bigger butt.

Most leggings have seam at the butt area that tend to sit on top of the butt, butt scrunch seam will sit in between your butt cheeks. Ladies who are not used to butt scrunch might initially find it a bit awkward with the seam in between butt cheeks but once you get used to it, you will realise how flattering it is. Feel free to size up for more comfort.

Best leggings for legs day!

3) Front T line vs No front T line ( Some call it Crotchless leggings)

Front T line is the seam in front (at the crotch area).

Leggings/shorts with front T line tend to emphasise the appearance of camel toe. Hence, I have always tried to find bottoms without front T line.

Leggings/shorts without front T line tend to be more camel toe free. However, there are some ladies who still find their camel toe obvious while wearing those without front t line due to two reasons:

(a) Pull up the leggings/shorts way too high

(b) Their camel toe is more obvious than most so apart from no front t line bottoms, they will also need to find shorts/leggings with rectangular gusset instead of triangular gusset.

4) Built in padding (bottom pic) vs removable padding (top pic)

Built in padding: bra padding sewn onto the bra itself

Removable padding: removable cup pads which can be removed. Some ladies prefer wearing sports bra without cup pads or prefer to change the cup paddings to one that fits their cup shape.

Most of jemaime sports bra have removable padding unless stated in the description hence I have filtered out those which have built in paddings.

To find sports bra with built in padding:


By features - Sports bra - Sports bra with built in paddings 

5) Long line bra vs mid line bra

Long line bra (bra with a longer length)

If you have a shorter torso, a long line bra can also be a top as it covers more area than a mid line bra.

If you are someone who is not so confident in showing your mid section, pair it with a high waisted shorts or leggings.

Mid line bra (bra with a shorter length)

Mid line bra are great for ladies who don’t want their sports bra to roll up due to the fabric or ladies who are confident in showing their mid section during workout.

6) Difference between Everyday/Essential/Empower/Energy/Curves/Petite series

Everyday - can be worn on a daily basis (basically any items not under the other series are placed here)

Essential - shorts/leggings with pockets are under the Essential series. If you are looking for something with pockets,Essential series is the way to go.

Empower - matching sets (not including those under Energy series)

Energy - activewear with bright bold colours (think electric blue, bright red, orange, yellow etc)

Curves - activewear from UK 12 to UK 20 sizing

Petite - activewear with UK 4 sizing

7) Inseam length

It is the length between the crotch to the end of the shorts/leggings.

Most leggings have a inseam of 25 inch inseam.

Most capri have a inseam of 21 inch inseam.

If your shorts have been riding up your thigh, choose a pair of shorts of at least 6 inch inseam such as Everyday seamless shorts or Energy seamless shorts or Energy seamless shorts with pockets.

Guide to Leggings

Hopefully with this guide, you will be more familiarised with the terms used on the website.

Sizing guide

When comes to sizing, jemaime activewear is based on

1) waist measurement

2) underbust measurement 

3) uk sizing 

For more accurate sizing, you can also dm me so that I can advise whether to size up (Empower bra) or size down (Energy bra 1.0 and Energy lite bra).

Do note that most of the items are on preorder. We do preorder so that we won’t order items that customers don’t need. It’s our way to save the environment, by ordering only what our customers need. By preordering, jemaime is able to offer more colours and sizing too.

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