The Active Campaign (For companies who care about their employees)

The Active campaign is allowing employees to wear activewear on one of the working days to work.

Like they always say, once you are in activewear, you are already one step closer!

This campaign encourages employees to work out after their office hours.

They can choose to head directly to fitness classes/ spinning studios or even opt to alight a few bus stop earlier to walk more or even climb the stairs to keep themselves active. Since they are already in activewear, they have no excuse not to exercise.

Companies can also organise after work walks or runs as well.

To support companies who take care of their employees, we will be giving complimentary leggings/joggers/shorts to the employees. However, this is also subjected to the number of employees as well. If headcount is above our sponsorship ability, we will be giving discounts to the employees for purchase of our activewear instead.

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