Collaborations/Co-branded Merch with Uniform for instructors/Sponsorships/Media coverage

No matter if it’s sponsorship for an event, giveaway collaborations, co-branded Merch with or even uniform for company events/fitness instructors etc, we are always open to collaborate.

Do note that in, we only provide the best for the merchandise and uniform as we have painstakingly tested all the activewear before launching them. Till date, we have spent more than $10k just on sampling and this amount is still increasing as we continue to sample more products to suit different customers’ needs. Rest assured that we will sample before recommending suitable products for the merchandises/polo tshirt for corporate events/uniforms.

If you are looking for something cheap, will not be the right company to collaborate as we believe in quality. Jemaime is I love myself in French and when comes to self love, we deserve nothing but the best.

Feel free to dm us via our Instagram for further discussions and we look forward to working with you. For media and interviews, you may dm us as well,